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Santa Barbara’s Top 5 Healthy and Organic Restaurants

Knowing that your food was prepared by dedicated restaurant staff using the healthiest ingredients available provides a whole new level of peace of mind.

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in New Orleans

If you think you have to suspend your healthy eating habits when dining in New Orleans, think again. There are plenty of options if you know where to look.

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Explore Orlando’s Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants

Artificial colors, unwanted hormones, dangerous pesticides, and genetically modified produce may be standard fare in some restaurant offerings, but who needs that? Certainly not you OR your family!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in St. Louis

Explore the restaurant options for healthy, organic fare in St. Louis, Missouri!

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Nashville’s Top 5 Healthy and Organic Restaurants

Enjoy a guilt-free dining experience in a restaurant that works hard to provide healthy, organic, fresh and fabulous food!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in Austin

There is no shortage of amazing restaurants in Texas!

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Charleston’s Top 3 Healthy and Organic Restaurants

Looking for a healthy restaurant option in Charleston, South Carolina? Explore these top 3 dining options!

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Santa Fe's Top 4 Healthy and Organic Restaurants

A mecca for healers, it’s no surprise that you can find exceptional healthy restaurants in this southwestern city.

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Seattle’s Sensational Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants

The Templeton List was developed to help you find the healthiest restaurants all across the U.S., and we’re happy to say that Seattle offers many choices!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in Miami

When looking for healthy, organic, farm fresh and fabulous food restaurants in Miami, we’ve got you covered.

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The Top 5 (Healthy, Organic) Restaurants in Tulsa

Think Tulsa -- the first oil capital of the world -- is a steak and potatoes place only? Think again. This city will surprise you!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in Houston

Are you ready for a great dining experience with healthy, organic food selections? Texas is open for business!

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