New Restaurant Chain Opens in Santa Monica, CA

The Templeton Wellness Team has been hard at work scouting out healthy, organic restaurants all across America. The newest find is Farmesa Fresh Eatery, located in Santa Monica, California, the first of a chain of international restaurants serving fresh, organic food.

In partnership with Kitchen United MIX, a ghost kitchen platform, Chipotle opened the first Farmesa Restaurant in Santa Monica (Forbes).

Check it out:

Farmesa Fresh Eatery

1315 3rd Street
Santa Monica, California 90401

Open daily from 11am until 7pm local time, Farmesa’s first new restaurant, located in Santa Monica, California, serves made-to-order bowls with options like Red Jasmine Rice (organic California Red Jasmine Rice); Herbed Quinoa (Organic California Quinoa); Farmesa Super Greens Mix (Baby Kale, Baby Spinach, Chicories, Arugula); Grilled Chicken (Adobo Marinated with Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Oregano, Cumin); Everything Spice-crusted King Salmon; Golden Beets (Poppy Seeds, Honey, Sherry Vinegar); Sprouted Cauliflower (Pickled Red Onions, Fresh Herbs); and extras like Farmesa Crispy Mix (Flax seeds, Pepitas, Sunflower Seeds; Sweet Potato Chips (with Avocado Hummus Dip); or Half Avocado (seasoned with sea salt, pepper, EVOO).

Other Santa Monica restaurants that have passed our strict standards include:

Art’s Table

1002 Montana Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90403

Art’s Table sources local, sustainable 100% natural ingredients for their farm-to-table menu. Look for menu items such as Poach Di Parma (toasted ancient grain ciabatta, garlic truffle aioli, sauteed wild mushrooms, Prosciutto di Parma topped with poached eggs, wild arugula, Reggiano parmesan and sage butter served with sliced seasonal melon); Eggs Salmone (toasted, sprouted ancient grain bread, lemon mascarpone, fresh avocado, natural smoked salmon and wild arugula topped with poached eggs, chopped salsa with capers and fresh dill, served with seasonal melon); or opt for one of their delicious Breakfast Pizzas!

Tiato Kitchen

2700 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, California 90404

Tiato is an herb “considered to be the most flavorful of the Perilla (mint) family, a strong immune-boosting and antioxidant ingredient, rich in vitamins and minerals.”

Their lunch menu includes fresh pressed juices, soups (try the Collagen “Pho” Bone Broth made with traditional Pho spices, cardamom and star anise topped with green onions); Tiato signature salads such as Shaken Beef (wok sauteed filet mignon, red onions, heirloom cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce); and any of their Create-Your-Own Plate suggestions which include your choice of protein, base and two sides.

Urth Caffe

2327 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405

Breakfast and brunch menu items include Poach Di Parma (toasted ancient grain ciabatta, garlic truffle aioli, sauteed wild mushrooms, Prosciutto di Parma topped with poached eggs, wild arugula, Reggiano parmesan and sage butter, served with sliced seasonal melon); Grilled Vegetable Omelet (three eggs with grilled zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers sprinkled with parmesan cheese); Sunrise Pizza (sausage, pancetta, mozzarella, potatoes, poached egg and brown sage butter); Butternut Squash & Ricotta Pizza (tomatoes, mozzarella and herbed Ricotta cheese, butternut squash and fresh oregano); Pizza Primavera (pesto marinated asparagus, potatoes, yellow squash, sugar plum tomatoes, Kalamata olives and Treviso lettuce, baked on a vegan pizza crust with vegan Monterey jack cheese and topped with grilled artichoke hearts, basil flower and peperonata sauce.

Also try any of their signature salads such as Urth Farmer’s Salad (locally grown baby spinach salad with peppercorn dressing, grilled artichokes, tomatoes, French radishes, red onion, shaved fennel, glazed pecans and shave parmesan cheese, served with dried fruit and nut bread and butter upon request).

We think you’ll also enjoy the Mediterranean Platter (a plate filled with house-made red quinoa falafels, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, tabouli, roasted peppers, grilled artichokes, feta cheese and mixed olives, served with pita bread for dipping); or the Nori Plum Rice Wrap (Nori sheet stuffed with avocado, organic brown rice, carrots, broccoli, green onions, Umeboshi plum paste, and five spice tofu, served with wasabi and a locally grown mixed green salad).

New Restaurant Chain Opens in Santa Monica, CA

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