Explore Orlando’s Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants

Orlando is a favorite vacation destination for families from around the world. After working hard to nourishing your family and providing the healthiest food possible when cooking at home, the last thing you want is to undo all your good work when traveling! Artificial colors, unwanted hormones, dangerous pesticides, and genetically modified produce may be standard fare in some restaurant offerings, but who needs that? Certainly not you OR your family!

When looking for healthy, organic, farm fresh and fabulous food restaurants in Orlando, Florida, you’re in luck. Our interactive online Templeton Restaurant guide was developed for just this reason! We’ve vetted the healthiest restaurants all across the U.S. according to our strict standards of ingredient, preparation and environmental guidelines. Enjoy a guilt-free dining experience in a restaurant that works hard to provide healthy, organic, fresh and fabulous food.

Here are our Top 5 restaurant picks for healthy, organic restaurants in Orlando, Florida:

Vitality Bowls

8014 Conroy Windermere Rd.
Orlando, FL 32835

Dr. Phillips (an unusual name and a suburb of Orlando), opened Orlando’s first Vitality Bowls in May 2018. This popular restaurant is conveniently situated at the busy intersection of Conroy Windermere Road and Dr. Phillips Blvd. in the Grand Oaks Village shopping mall. Dr. Phillips, once named one of the best places to live by Time Magazine, is a suburban community in Orange County, Florida.

Customers choose this delightful restaurant primarily for its array of superfoods. The menu features antioxidant-packed acai bowls, smoothies, fresh juice, and healthy salads. Among the most popular menu items are the Green Bowl (a blend of Graviola, almond milk, dates, spirulina, spinach, kale, strawberries and bananas topped with organic granola, bananas, kiwi, hemp seeds and honey). Their homemade Paninis are a local favorite (Roasted Turkey, The Sirloin, Veggie, Grilled Cheese, Gladiator, and more).

Convenient online, delivery, and catering services are available.

Loving Hut

2101 E. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

This Asian-inspired menu features gluten-free, soy-free, organic, non-GMO, no MSG, and locally grown ingredients. Their Summer Rolls Deluxe (Veg Based Protein, steamed jicama, carrot, lettuce, tofu, and shoestring potato, wrapped in Rice Paper Side of peanut dipping sauce) are freshly made. Also on their menu is Avocado Salad (avocado, apple, tomato, black olives, onion, cilantro, agave nectar, fresh lemon juice, and grape seed oil).

Family Size Entrees include Pine Nut Wonder (soy protein, red and green bell peppers, celery, onion, and pine nuts), King Spicy Cha Cha (King Oyster mushroom, red and green bell peppers, celery, onion, and crushed red pepper), and Ocean Delight (fried bean curd wrapped in seaweed, mushroom sauce, served with steamed vegetables).

Western Dishes are also available like the House Burger, Philly Love, Savory Spaghetti, Happy Dawgs, and more!

Farm & Haus

3201 Corrie Dr.
Orlando, FL 32803

Located in the East End Market area, one of Orlando’s most highly regarded food & culture hubs, Farm & Haus is a chef-driven establishment, featuring award-winning breakfast, lunch & dinner offerings in a fast-casual setting. Offering onsite counter seating and take-out, this restaurant is meeting the demands of a new market by reinventing their dinner delivery service through the launch of their “Mobile Cafes” that provide everything from catered lunches to pop-ups at events, and the same familiar on-demand dinner delivery service that their customers have grown to know and love.

Favorite breakfast items include Avocado Toast, Salmon Toast, and Buckwheat Pancakes. Lunch favorites include the Farmer’s Crudites Bowl, the Mediterranean Wrap or Bowl, and the Deviled Farm Egg Salad Tartine.

First Watch

1414 North Mills Ave.
Suite 180
Orlando, FL 32803

First Watch is an award-winning Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch favorite that specializes in both traditional and innovative creations all freshly prepared to order. They are open daily from 7AM to 2:30PM.

Bacon lovers line up for their Million Dollar Bacon (4 slices of hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne, and maple syrup drizzle). The A.M. Superfoods Bowl will please your palate with its coconut milk chia seed pudding, fresh bananas, berries, and more.

Lunch favorites include the Baja Turkey Burger, Chicken Salad and Ham and Gruyere Melt. A little Morning Meditation Fresh Juice (orange, lemon, turmeric, organic ginger, agave nectar and beet) or Kale Tonic Fresh Juice (fresh kale, Fuji apple, cucumber and lemon) will get your day off to an amazing start!

Boca Winter Park

358 N. Park Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789

Winter Park is north of Orlando, and at Boca Winter Park, you'll find farm-to-fork at its finest! Enjoy the best ingredients that local farmers produce... served up in the tastiest meals imaginable. Appetizers include Grilled Gulf Oysters (with garlic toasted croutons, asiago and Parmesan cheese and oregano butter), Zucchini Fries, and Smoked Fish Dip.

Lunch faves include the OMG Burger (100% pasture-raised beef served with Bibb lettuce, aged white cheddar, pickled onions, tomato, sweet relish aioli, and Parmesan Truffle Fries), The Cubano (smoked ham, pork and soppressata, tomatoes, sweet onions, pickles, gruyere cheese, IPA mustard, and Parmesan Truffle Fries), and the Market Fish Taco (choice of fried or blackened fish in corn tortillas, coconut slaw, pineapple salsa, and Boca Street Fries).

For dinner, savor the 60 Spiced Chicken, Florida Pink Shrimp & Grits, or the Staff Meal (ingredient-driven chef’s creation with whatever’s locally available – Chef says you’ll love it!).

Discover a healthy restaurant near you by visiting https://templetonlist.com/. If your favorite restaurant isn’t on our list, maybe it should be! Let us know and we'll check it out.

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