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Dining out 7 Q2 FFHF
Santa Fe's Top 4 Healthy and Organic Restaurants

A mecca for healers, it’s no surprise that you can find exceptional healthy restaurants in this southwestern city.

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Dukes seafood restaurant
Seattle’s Sensational Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants

The Templeton List was developed to help you find the healthiest restaurants all across the U.S., and we’re happy to say that Seattle offers many choices!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in Miami

When looking for healthy, organic, farm fresh and fabulous food restaurants in Miami, we’ve got you covered.

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The Top 5 (Healthy, Organic) Restaurants in Tulsa

Think Tulsa -- the first oil capital of the world -- is a steak and potatoes place only? Think again. This city will surprise you!

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The Top 5 (Healthy and Organic) Restaurants in Houston

Are you ready for a great dining experience with healthy, organic food selections? Texas is open for business!

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